How to Become a Professional Pilot in India

India_PilotWhat is the qualification to become a pilot? To become a professional pilot in India, you need to:

  • enroll to flight school / pilot training
  • Take pilot license
  • apply for a job in Airline


Enroll to Flight School

To be able to enroll in any flight school (both in India or abroad), you need to have:

  • Lot of money. Tuition fee is usually around 33 – 50 Lakh –> because pilot salary is also very high.
  • Healthy body. You will need to take first class medical test.
  • 18 years old or older


Take Pilot License

Basic pilot license you need to take is: PPL, CPL, IR but if you want to get job in airline easier, it’s better to take these license: PPL, CPL, IR, MER because nowadays Aircraft that is used by most airline is multi engine aircraft so if you have Multi Engine license already, you are ‘ready’ to work. Airline doesn’t need to train you anymore that’s why they will be happy to hire you.


Apply for a Job in Airline

Just like other people, you need to apply for a job in Airline that you want.

Tips: Send your application in many airline. Don’t be picky because this only your first step. Once you get like 3.000 or even 5.000 flight hours, you can move to bigger airline.