Do you want to be a pilot with salary up to 60 Lakh yearly?

Well, you have to enroll to a flight school first!


The challenge now is to choose the right flight school. You know what, the tuition fee to study in a pilot training school is around 33 – 50 Lakh, if you choose the wrong one, you can end up losing the money.

Here are 3 things to consider in choosing a flying school:

What license you want to take?

The tuition fee in any school depends on what license you want to take. Some students and their parents tend to focus on the tuition fee but don’t read the description. Read basic pilot license: PPL, CPL, IR, MER

In 2016, the following course:

  • PPL, CPL, IR = 33 Lakh – 40 Lakh
  • PPL, CPL, IR, MER = 40 Lakh – 50 Lakh


How many flight hours you get?

The most expensive ‘component’ in a flying school is the flight hours that you get. Even 5 flight hours difference can bring the different level of flying skill.

Therefore when comparing a flight school to another, find out how many flight hours they offer. Then you can conclude which one cheaper. For example:

  • School A, for license: PPL, CPL, IR, MER, fee: 48 Lakh – flight hours: 210
  • School B, for license: PPL, CPL, IR, MER, fee: 50 Lakh – flight hours: 230

Which school should you choose? Of course School B. The more flight hours you have, the better your skill, and of course the higher chance to get a job.

Make sure you get at least 200 hours during school because that’s the minimum flight hours India DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation) required before you can apply for a job.

How many aircraft the school have?

One reason why you can’t graduate on time is the lack of aircraft. Usually you only need 12 – 18 months to graduate but if this happen, it might take 2 years or more.

ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) urge pilot school to have 1 aircraft for 5 students so each student can graduate on time.

What is the TOTAL fee?

Learn carefully fee that need to be paid. Don’t hesitate to ask because usually there are some fees that are not listed in front, like:

  • Registration fee
  • Accommodation, transport, and food.
  • Exam and check ride fee
  • Exam transport fee (if any)
  • Endorsement fee (if you study abroad)
  • Additional flight hours fee (in case you need more)


Hope the tips above can help you to choose the right pilot training school. Good luck!

If you have any question, please contact us.